Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Metacrawler Search Engine: Advantages and Disadvantages

Metacrawler is a search engine at that searches all the major search engines such as yahoo, google, and ask.


1. Searches all the major search engines at once so searching them all individually is not necessary
2. Has an easy to use toolbar available for download
3. Also allows you to search the white pages and yellow pages
4. Free and easy to use, similar format to other search engines
5. Customizable for user's preferences


1. You will get a lot more results because it searches multiple engines so you have to be specific
2. Mainly provides only the main hits for the other search engines, so results that are more obscure on the other search engines may not show up, so you may not find what you want
3. Not as practical as say google or yahoo
4. Not very well known
5. Not really any more reliable than the other search engines

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